San Saba County

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Posted Queries for January thru March 1997

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EMFINGER, LILE, LYLE, MAULDIN, TERRY posted by Virginia Hicks on Thursday, January 2, 1997

Would like to make contact with anyone researching the MAULDIN, LILE/LYLE, EMFINGER, TERRY families. I Have James Cornelius MAULDIN, died 1900 in San Saba, Tx. married to Martha Ann LILE died 1903 San Saba, Tx. This family had 8 children 7 sons. Third child William Edward MAULDIN was my great grandfather. He was married to #1 Mary Ellen TERRY #2 Laura Jane EMFINGER. James Cornelius MAULDIN lived in San Saba, and son William Edward MAULDIN lived in Brown Co. Texas. Would love to exchange information.-Virginia Hicks

BROOKS, MCCONNELL, MCMILLAN, SIMMONS, SMITH, STAGGS, STEWART, TROWBRIDGE, WEBB posted by Joyce Stewart Smith on Saturday, January 4, 1997

Searching for George Washington STEWART family who lived in the Lawrence Community in 1880's. George W. m Susan Virginia BROOKS, dau of William Henry Crawford BROOKS and Martha SIMMONS BROOKS, a neighboring family. The STEWART'S children were Eva, Claude, Summer, Blanche, and Bill. The BROOKS' family consisted of Sarah (Sally) Brooks WEBB, Mary Frances BROOKS(TROWBRIDGE) STAGGS, Susan Virginia BROOKS STEWART, Lide BROOKS SMITH, Thomas Joseph BROOKS, Mattie BROOKS (MCCONNELL), John BROOKS, Eldrige BROOKS, Gabriel (Gabe) BROOKS, Sam BROOKS, George BROOKS, and Virgie (Bird) BROOKS MCMILLAN. Will exchange info with anyone in these lines.

ALLEN, ELDER, HENTHORN, NANCE, ROBESON, SMITH, STRACHN posted by R.Bangsund on Sunday, January 12, 1997

ELDER, NANCE, ROBESON-Seeking information on these families. Andrew J.ELDER was in San Saba Co./Tom Green Co./Cottle Co. and others. His wife was Sarah E. (HENTHORN) ELDER. James NANCE / Celia Rebecca (ALLEN) NANCE, Josiah Charlie NANCE / Eva (SMITH) NANCE, Marion F. ELDER / Bettie NANCE ELDER, Hawkins E. ROBESON / Berta (STRACHN) ROBESON, the ancestors resided in Texas from 1860 to 1940's. Willing to share info.

CLARK, HOOD, LOW, RODGERS posted by Anne Hood on Saturday, January 18, 1997

Isaiah CLARK (son of William). He married Sarah E. LOW September 23, 1846, daughter of Jacob LOW and Elizabeth RODGERS. Sarah was born about 1824 in TN. Son of Isaiah CLARK and Sarah LOW is: John N. CLARK, born Abt 1849 in Polk Co., MO. This family moved to the San Saba / Burnett / Llano / Lampasas Co. area of Texas after 1850. Anne Hood, 2858 Aurora, Ann Abbor, MI 48105 [email protected]

BOLT, LOW, RODGERS posted by Anne Hood on Saturday, January 18, 1997

Mary Jane LOW b. about 1842, daughter of Jacob LOW and Elizabeth RODGERS. Mary Jane lived in Polk Co. TN until her mother remarried Charles BOLT and moved to Burnett Co. In 1860 She was in San Saba County, with her brothers James Milton LOW, and David Donelson LOW. "The Call of San Saba" refers to her as Mrs. Lane I would like any information on Mary Jane or her husband, or other family. They lived in Burnett/San Sabo/Llano/Lampassas Counties

SANDERSON posted by Debbie Seamons on Tuesday, January 21, 1997

Looking for anyone in the SANDERSON family in San Saba county who is interested in thier family genealogy. Looking for descendants of William M. SANDERSON.

BARRETT, LAY, MILLIGAN posted by Anne Barrett Chamlee on Wednesday, January 22, 1997

My great great grandfather, Tom MILLIGAN, born I know not where, but died in Arkansas, married Elizabeth Jane LAY born 1835 died Quitman, Arkansas. An old hand-written paper in the family states the daughter of this couple, Laura Emma MILLIGAN, was born in "Round Rock, San Saba, Texas." My research found Round Rock in Williamson County, not San Saba. Laura Emma MILLIGAN married James Nathaniel BARRETT and they are both buried at Quitman, Arkansas. Their son, Edna Howard BARRETT (1879-1963) was my grandfather who lived nearly all his life in Heber Springs, Cleburne Co., AR -- have nothing on the MILLIGAN family -- thanks.

BROWN, JONES, ROBBINS, SCOTT, SUTTON posted by Karen Gauny Crisalli on Thursday, January 23, 1997

SUTTON, Phillip D(avid). Phillip D. SUTTON is beleived to have been born around 1832 in Travis or Falls Co. He married Sarah Jane SCOTT (born about June 1840 in Arkansas?)probably in early 1870's, but it is very likely that he was married and widowed before her. Phillip D. SUTTON was shot and killed in Lampassas 1873 late at night at his home. He and/or his wife may have been part or full blooded Indian. Phillip D. SUTTON fathered my gr. grm. Emma Linne SUTTON (b. 1874, married William Adolphus JONES 1892); Sarah SUTTON (b. 1871, married Claude Carr). There were two other children: Willy (Willie) SUTTON and Iscoe SUTTON (born Feb. 14 1869, married Susan Emily BROWN in 1894), but it is unclear if Willy was truly Phillip's child from a previous marriage, or if he was Sarah SCOTT's child from a previous marriage (in several census he is listed as SUTTON, but in at least one census he is listed as ROBBINS). I am very interested in knowing the circumstances behind Phillip D. SUTTON's shooting, and the names of the parents of both Phillip SUTTON and Sarah Jane SCOTT. Thanks!

DOBBS, HARBERT, ROBERTS posted by Debby Lewis on Friday, January 24, 1997

am seeking info on Lewis F. ROBERTS b 1832 Ky was in young co Tx 1850 m Mary Malena HARBERT 1859 parents Joseph H. HARBERT & Sarah A. DOBBS tn or ky. Sarah and other children 4 boys, all married, were living in calhoun county 1880 on ranch have info on the dobbs and harberts to share but would love to know about Lewis F. ROBERTS

MCCABE, TRAYLOR posted by Doris Dell on Monday, January 27, 1997

Martha Frances TRAYLOR born 1851 Unior Co AR, resided 1855 in San Saba Co Tx, married 1870 in Bosque Co Tx to Byron Lloyd MCCABE, buried 1931 in Bethelehem Cemetery Whitney, Hill Co Tx. Any information on ancestors or children welcome.

BURKS, CUNNINGHAM, DELL, HARRIS, LYON, ROBINSON, TRAYLOR posted by Doris Dell on Sunday, February 2, 1997

BURKS, TRAYLOR, HARRIS, CUNNINGHAM, LYON, ROBINSON Elizabeth BURKS born 1828 Jasper Co GA to James Lyon BURKS and Martha ROBINSON (1) married 1847 in Union Co AR to Champion Travis TRAYLOR. Champion died 1855 in a robbery said to have been done by indians in San Saba Co Tx. Elizabeth returned, after the birth of last child, Champion Junior, in Burnet; she was escorted by her brother Thomas Jefferson BURKS to their father's home in Scott Co MS. TJ BURKS wrote of that trip where he saw the "Stars and Bars" fly for the first time over the state of Texas. Elizabeth (2) married 1862 Thomas Jefferson HARRIS Junior, widower of her sister. They migrated to Texas and resided in Hill Co Tx before they settled in Comanche Co Tx. Elizabeth and Thomas HARRIS are buried in Shilo Cemetery. Children by her first Marriage: Laura Ann TRAYLOR who married James CUNNINGHAM--both buried in Shilo Cemetery James Franklin TRAYLOR b 1850 Martha Frances TRAYLOR b 1851 John Thomas TRAYLOR b 1853 Champion Travis TRAYLOR b 1855 in Burnet. Several children were born to Thomas HARRIS in first marriage. Chilren by her second Marriage: Robert Emmett Lee HARRIS b 1863 Albert Sidney HARRIS b 1865 Exah Jane HARRIS b 1868 Jesse Gardner HARRIS b 1873 Richard Coke HARRIS b 1874. Any information on these families will be appreciated. Doris DELL POB 4184 West Hills CA 91308

BUCKHANAN, RENNO posted by Terry Rumore on Sunday, February 2, 1997

J. R. BUCKHANAN and Jennie RENNO married on Sept. 2, 1870 in Cherokee County, Texas. I am wanting any information on this couple that someone might have. Did they stay in Cherokee County? Did they have any children? Anyone that has the history of this couple, please write me back. [email protected]

CRAVEY, EMANUEL, LOONEY, MANUEL, MCWILLIAMS posted by Dianne Croak on Thursday, February 6, 1997

Seeking death info. or any other type info on: Mrs. Drucilla MCWILLIAMS that lived in Lampassas Co. in 1900. She was formally Drucilla MANUEL (sometimes written, EMANUEL) Her sons with Surnames Manuel & Emanuel also lived in same Co., 1900 Need desperately to know her maiden name....possibly Hart. Have received copy of marriage cert. to MCWILLIAMS and it did not have any parents on it. They were married in Lampassas Co. She had previously lived in San Saba Co. I think she was my gr. grandmother's sister, and we do not know our great grandmother's maiden name, as she was a widow with the surname of CRAVEY, when she married our gr. granddad, Francis A. LOONEY.

HILL, MEADOR, SEYMOUR posted by Corlis Seymour Huitt on Saturday, February 8, 1997

I am looking for anyone connected to the Tom MEADOR or any MEADOR who lived in the San Saba area. My father remembered going to visit relatives of his grandma Dora MEADOR SEYMOUR in the S.S. area when he was very young. Father was b. in 1927, so the period would be after 1930 or he wouldn't remember it. Dora had at least three brothers (may have been half-bro.): "Lige" (prob. Elijah after her father), Tom, and Hill. Hill was named after Elizabeth Fannie HILL, Dora's mother. Will exchange any info. Thanks. :-}

ADAMS, HUBBERT, MATHEW posted by Marion C. Harris on Saturday, February 8, 1997

Seeking info on the MATHEW HUBBERT family who lived in San Saba County in the 1860's. Married to Elizabeth Stallworth Thornton HUBBERT. Later moved to San Diego County CA. Also interested in any information on the family of Thomas H. ADAMS who married Nancy Evelyn Taylor in AK and were in Lampasas in the 1850's.

posted by Patrick O'Neill on Monday, February 17, 1997

Wanting information from all descendants of colonists from Fisher and Miller's Colony, including Coke, Tom Green, Runnels, Concho, McCulloch, San Saba, Mason, Schleicher, Irion, Kimble, Menard, and Sutton counties. These are the counties that were actually within the grant and contain lands distributed to the colonists. I have indexes of Contracts (papers signed in Germany to join the Society), Transfers (papers to sign over half of the colonist's land to the Society and Fisher and Miller), and am now compiling a list of people that actually received land within the colony. Other related counties should include Comal, Gillespie, Kendall, Kerr, Bexar, and many southeast Texas counties.

posted by Patrick O'Neill on Monday, February 17, 1997

Wanting information from all descendants of colonists from Fisher and Miller's Colony, including Coke, Tom Green, Runnels, Concho, McCulloch, San Saba, Mason, Schleicher, Irion, Kimble, Menard, and Sutton counties. These are the counties that were actually within the grant and contain lands distributed to the colonists. I have indexes of Contracts (papers signed in Germany to join the Society), Transfers (papers to sign over half of the colonist's land to the Society and Fisher and Miller), and am now compiling a list of people that actually received land within the colony. Other related counties should include Comal, Gillespie, Kendall, Kerr, Bexar, and many southeast Texas counties.

ROBBERSON, ROBBESON, ROBESON, WARREN posted by Shirley M. Clark on Sunday, March 2, 1997

Trying to find the marriages of Vollie Ann WARREN to ROBESON, ROBBESON OR ROBBERSON. Also his time and place of death. Were they divorced or did he die?

RAGSDALE, TERRY posted by Bill Berry on Friday, March 7, 1997

Researching RAGSDALE &TERRY>TN>AR>San Saba Co.Tx will exchange Information.

CRISSWELL, DUCKWORTH, FERGUSON, GORMAN, NAGEL, RIDER posted by Patricia Lewis Aaron on Friday, March 7, 1997

J.P.GORMAN b. 9/22/1813, (Red)Brick Church, TN, died 10/07/1887; Married Margaret Elizabeth DUCKWORTH, 10/8/1833 in Jackson, MS Children: Marshall NAGEL (ney)GORMAN b.5/06/1851, d.3/18/1935, spouse Angeline FERGUSON; children: Joel Hopkins GORMAN; Emily Elizabeth GORMAN; WIlliam Thomas GORMAN; Julia Ann GORMAN; Newton Samuel GORMAN sp. sarah CRISSWELL; John Barton GORMAN sp. Adaline RIDER; Drury S. GORMAN J.P. and Margaret came to Tx in 1834. Oldest son Joe was born in MS. The rest of the children were born in San Saba Co. Any information on this family will be appreciated

MCMILLIN, ROBESON, WARREN posted by Shirley M. Clark on Friday, March 14, 1997

I am looking for information on Capt. N. D. MCMILLIN. He married Vollie Ann (WARREN) ROBESON in the 1860's. Any Information would be greatly appreciated and I would love to share what I have. I will of course pay any expenses.


I am searching for information on the POSEY family that lived in Lampassas around 1870 to 1890. My GG Grandfather was Jasper Augusta POSEY, also known as John AUGUSTA, and married Frances Isabell O'BRIEN. They lived in Lampassas and he was a Carpenter. Their children are Charles POSEY, Dewitt T. POSEY, Frank POSEY, Minnie E. POSEY (who married a DAVIS in Lampassas), George T. POSEY, Solomon O'Bbrien POSEY, Cammie Alice POSEY, Oliver D. POSEY, Arthur Napolean POSEY, Virgil Clyde POSEY (my Grandfather. He was born in Lometa, Tex.), and Manley Lafayette POSEY. I don't know what happened to most of the children. They lived in Lampassas, Lometa, San Saba, Lamesa, and Brownwood. JASPER AUGUSTA POSEY divorced FRANCES O'BRIEN, and married FANNY GOODWIN. I would appreciate any info. I have extensive infromation on the POSEY family dating back to 1400 and will gladly share info. Also have info on KETCHUM, GAUNY, BARNES, FAULKENBERRY, FORTENBERRY, and will share. Thanks.


RENFRO, HICKS, BARNES, FLOWERS, BUTTRILL I am seeking information on my gg grandparents: John RENFRO and Lydia Ann HICKS. John RENFRO was born in SC abt 1817, died in Leake County MS. 1864/1865, parents and siblings names unknown, married abt 1834 to: Lydia Ann HICKS, b.9 Nov 1912 possibly in Ga.Lydia Ann Hicks was the daughter of Thomas Hicks and Elizabeth T Barnes. John and Lydia Ann (HICKS) RENFRO lived in Ga. for several years and their four(4) children were born there. By 1841 they were in Ms.and appear on the 1850 census for Leake County Ms.It is believed that John had a sister living in that same area at the same time(1850). It has been reported that she was married to a man named FLOWERS and had three(3) sons, namely J.M.FLOWERS, Bob FLOWERS and Buck FLOWERS. After the death of John, Lydia moved her family to Texas they were in Limestone County for a while but settled in San Saba County where one of her sons, Thomas Clay was a rancher. Children of John & Lydia: Abner b. 1835 Ga. died in CW place unknown Georgia Ann b. Ga. 1836 died abt 1850 Franklin RENFRO b. Ga. 1838 d. Nov 1910 m. Emma BUTTRILL 1868 Robert b. Ga 1839 died as a child. Sara Elizabeth RENFRO b.1841 Ms. m. #1 John DABBS #2 William RILEY Hazelwood THOMAS Clay RENFRO b. 1843 Ms. m. Missouri FOY. Lydia Ann RENFRO b. 1845 Ms m. William BUTTEILL III Mary RENFRO b. 1948 Ms. m. Tom PATTERSON Serena RENFRO b. Ms 1850 m. Bill PUTMAN Levi RENFRO b. 1842 Ms Emily "Emma" RENFRO b. 1854 Ms m Hamp CHANDLER Jack RENFRO b. 1856 Ms. m. Sara Ellener JOHNSON. I have pretty good genealogy form 1840 forward. The place where I'm stumped is at the parents, siblings, marriage place and exact birth places of John RENFRO and Lydia Ann HICKS. Can anyone help me??? I will gladly share the information I have.

DOAKE, RUSHING posted by Sharon Willis on Monday, March 17, 1997

RUSHING, DOAKE I am researching the family of Marion Francis Rushing in San Saba County Texas. Marion's wife was Josephine Catherine DOAKE. The children of Marion Rushing were Emily Jane, Ella, William Alexander, Henry Riley, Alice, Lillie Bell, Andrew F. (Bud), Grace, and Della. William Riley RUSHING was the father of Marion Francis RUSHING. William Riley RUSHING is buried in San Saba County. The RUSHING family was living in San Saba County in 1880. Any information on the RUSHING and DOAKE famalies would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

ADAMS, HALLMARK, HARP, NEAL, ROUDON, WARREN posted by Brenda Morgan on Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Researching ADAMS in Milam, McCulloch and San Saba counties. My ggrandparents were John Harvey ADAMS b1852 KY, d 1927 Tx, buried in Rochelle Cemetery McCulloch cnty and Serena Ellen WARREN b 1861 KY d 1916 buried Rochelle Cemetery McCulloch cnty. Have been told they were married in Lincoln cnty KY abt 1878. Their ch: Walter H.b 1882 KY m Maude?, Morris J. b 1883 KY m Bertha HALLMARK, Teddie b 1885 KY m Bertie W. ?, Charles Thomas b 1887 KY, Etta b 1890 Tx m George HARP, Virgil L. b 1896 Tx m Lorena NEAL, Gracie Flora b 1898 Tx m Floyd H. ROUDON, Sr., and Cora b abt 1901 Tx m Joe P. Campbell. Gracie ADAMS and Floyd ROUDON were my grandparents. This family found in 1900 in Milam cnty, 1910 & 1920 in McCulloch cnty census. Gracie was possibly b in San Saba cnty. My grandfather, Floyd ROUDON's father was Thomas ROUDON, and he also had an uncle who might have settled this area named Henry ROUDON. Any information on any of these people, especially John ADAMS and Ellen WARREN would be greatly appreciated. Also have some names of 3rd and 4th generations of these two. Brenda Rowden Morgan

GROSBECK, MAYES posted by Kenny Mayes on Thursday, March 20, 1997

Seek info on Curtis MAYES b. 1830 Ala. married to Adelie GROSBECK in Llano, Tx abt 1860. Would like to identify parents and location of death, story has it he died on cattle trail from around San Saba going to Colorado. Any help or info appreciated

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